Silicon Carbide

Sinlicon carbide is a new type of engineering ceramics with high cost performance and excellent material properties.
    With high strength and hardness , high temperature resistance, great thermal conductivity and chemical corrosion resistance, Especially for sintered silicon carbide, it can almost withstand all chemical medium, to offer high-performance sic products to our customers in highly challenging applications. They are widely used in oil, chemical, machinery and airspace, nuclear energy and defense industries, such as mechanical seal bearing, nozzle, semiconductor, pump and valve, papermaking, textile equipment parts and protective armor etc.
    As a leading manufacturer of mechanical seals and sealing products in China, we (Sino-Holding Co.,Ltd) provide many different grades of sintered silicon carbide (S-SIC) and reaction bonded silicon carbide (SIC) products, to meet different application requirements, for various customers in different industries. With advanced production equipment and technology advantage, we strictly ensure quality to satisfy different application requirements of our customers. And we use production conditions reasonably to help customers reduce cost. Therefore we can provide finished products or blanks, even parts of complex structure.


Our silicon carbide has been developed and improved after many years. We can provide different grades of silicon carbide products to meet various kinds of needs from the users.

 Material Type  Grade  Notes
 Sintered Silicon Carbide (S-SIC)  SHB (Basic)  Purity of SIC > 98%
 SHC(Carbon impregnated)  15% - 20% carbon, improved self-lubrication and avoid faces’ sticking more effectively
 SHP(Porous)  Typical pores of 40µm~60µm,better friction resistance
 Reaction bonded silicon carbide (RBSIC)   SRB (Basic)  Purity of SIC ≥ 88%
 SRC (Carbon impregnated)  20% - 30% carbon, improved self-lubrication and avoid faces’ sticking more effectively


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