Encapsulated O-ring

 FEP/PFA Encapsulated O-rings

Encapsulated o-rings are o-rings consisting of a seamless and uniform Teflon® FEP/PFA encapsulation/jacket which completely encloses a core material of either silicone or Viton ® elastomers. The combination of these components creates an o-ring that is virtually chemically inert and compression set resistant for use in harsh sealing environments.
Our products are available in almost all required dimensions, internal diameters and cross sections in inch and metric and with both the encapsulation and on request the elastomer core being FDA compliant.


Standard Materials

Elastomeric Core

 • Solid silicone to ZZ-R-765
CLASS 2B170 DURO - FDA Conforming
• Hollow silicone to ZZ-R-765
CLASS 2B170 DURO - FDA Conforming
• Viton (75 DURO) to AMS 3216
• EPDM 70 DURO - FDA Conforming


FEP (Florinated Ethylene Propylene)
• Clear
• Upper temperature limit: 4000F (2040 C)
• Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
• Will not absorb moisture
• Excellent resilience
• Smooth/self-Iubricating surface
• FDA Compliant
• USP Class VI approved

 PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)

• Clear with light blue tint
• Upper temperature limit: 5000F (260℃)
• Excellent heat and chemical resistance
• Better crack and stress resistance than FEP
• Extremely smooth surface
• Low vapor permeation
• FDA Compliant
• USP Class VI approved
Encapsulation wall thickness ranges from .010"(0.25 mm) to .045" (1.14 mm) depending on the cross section of the elastomeric core.




 SiIicone  -75  to  +400F
-60℃  to  +205℃
 -75  to  +500F
-60℃ to +260℃
 Viton  -15   to  +400F
-60℃ to +205℃
 -15   to  +400F
-60℃ to +260℃
 EPDM  -65   to  +300F
-54℃  to + 150℃  
 -65  to  +300F
-54℃ to +150℃


Encapsulated O-rings are manufactured  in a variety of shapes and cross-section to meet various application. In addition, custom cross-sections such as solid Viton or Silicone square or rectangular cores have been available. There are often used as PTFE or Envelope gaskets in flange sealing application.


In additon to the FEP or PFA encapsulated o rings. We also professionally specialized in U-rings,Y-rings , Oil seals,rubber strip, rubber hose and so on. At present, we possess more than ten thousand specification for customers to choose, which could match American-standard and Japan-standard and other standards.     If you are interested in any item with our line of business. Pls contact us freely. We are willing to offer good service at any time.
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