Wave Springs

As a leading manufacturer of wave spring in China, we (Sino-Holding Co., Ltd) have been emphasizing in the production of Wave spring, Wave Washer and Retaining Ring. Based on More than 20 years technical experience, Our Wave Spring especially has its advantage in its special technics, low cost and high & steady quality. Currently we can supply several series of products, e. g: different kinds of single-turn & crest to crest wave spring, retaining ring etc, which is widely used in machinery & equipment, chemical industry and electrical industry.
    Unlike punch forming process, we use continuous winding and curling process from round edge flat wire, to realize real flexible production and in the mean while to reduce waste of material and avoid damage from stress. We endeavor to provide wave springs with super quality and competitive price. Wave Springs made from this process have accurate elasticity coefficient and better performance. Upon completion of design, we can get different elasticity coefficient and specific performance requirement by changing number of waves, turns, free length, thickness of the material and radial width that would realize at low cost. So this process is suitable, in particular, for repeatedly trial production and optimizing new products in development.
   At the same time it can avoid issues like product design, development and sample manufacturing. Not only it is convenient for sample trial production in small batch, but also it has the following features in mass production
   Within our factory, we have established a full system of quality management, to ensure our quality and service, to reach the high quality requirement from national defence industry and astronic industry. We own advanced spectrum analyzer and strictly control each batch of raw material. We also use first-class spring testing machine for precision test on loading of the wave spring, deformation, free length, elasticity coefficient etc.
   We will keep our sincerity and trust, ensure the best quality to all customers, try our best to offer the marketing our best production!

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