SRB( Basic Model of RBSIC)

Technical Specifications of RBSIC
The basic reaction bonded silicon carbide products contain a certain amount of free carbon apart from the feature of resistance to wearing and high temperature. Compared with carbon impregnated reaction bonded silicon carbide products, they can self-lubricate to a certain extent.

 Purity of Silicon Car bide  %  >88
 Density  g/cm³  >3.0
 Grain Size  μm  <15
 Hardness  HV  105
 Thermal Conductivity  W/m.k(20 C)  2400
 Thermal Expansion  10 Degc(at20 ℃ to 500 ℃)  4.4
 Flexural Strength(4 point bending test)  Mpa  380
 Compressive Strength  Mpa  2100
 Elasticity Modulus(Youngs Modulus)  Gpa  380
 Weibull Modulus     10
 Maximum Working Temperature  ℃  1300

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