SHP( Porous Silicon Carbide)

SHP (Porous) 

Among the hard tracking faces for most rigid sealing requirements, The porous sintered silicon carbide products have effectively improved the resistance to dry friction on sealing faces with good self-lubrication and resistance to chemical attacks. Such characteristics and benefits can be more obvious when adopting porous sintered silicon carbide sealing faces in automobile water pumps with resistance to wearing and thermal shock. The independent and evenly scattered pores can be filled with liquids or lubrications, which improves the liquid films on the sealing faces. Therefore it becomes the best replacement to ceramics.

 Density  G/cm³  2.70-3.05
 Porosity  %  4-12
 Typical Pore Size  μm  40-60
 Hardness  Vickers(Kg/mm )  2400
 Thermal Conductivity  W/m.k (20℃ )  90
 Thermal Expansion  10 /DegC at 20 ℃ to 500 ℃
          at 500℃ to 1000℃
 Flexural Strength(4 point bend test)  Mpa  230
 Compressive Strength  Mpa  2000
 Elasticity Modulus(Youngs Modulus)  Gpa  350
 Poisson Ratio  Vickers(Kg/mm )  0.16
 Fracture Toughness(Single Edge Notched Beam)  MPa. M  3.2

Porosities of 30-150micrometers scattered in the tracking face. When the liquid is flowing sufficiently, these porosities just the liquid film between the tracking faces with the effect of fluid dynamic pressure and lower the friction factor. when the liquid is flowing insufficiently, they will improve the lubrication by retaining the liquids in them and raise the reliability to deal with emergency in the hard working conditions.                           
Widely used in the fields of heavy loading, poor ability to continuous lubrication, high requirement in corrosion resistant. Including the industries of automobile and Oil refining.


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