SHC( Carbon Impragnated)

SHC( Carbon Impragnated)

When lubrication condition is limited, better sealing material is demanded. Carbon impregnated sintered silicon carbide products can be an effective solution due to its brilliant low friction coefficient while maintaining the excellent corrosion resistance

 Purity of Silicon Carbide  %  Sic(Vol.%)8 0- 85%
Graphite(Vol.% )15- 20%
 Density  G/cm³  >2..80
 Hardness  Vickers(Kg/mm )  2400
 Thermal Conductivity  W/m.k (20 )  110
 Thermal Expansion  10 /D egC (at 20 ℃to 500 ℃)  4.0
 Flexural Strength(4 point bend test)  Mpa   380
 Elasticity Modulus(Youngs Modulus)  Gpa  400
 Poisson Ratio  Vickers(Kg/mm )  0.15
 Compressive Strength   Mpa  2200

With evenly scattered carbon grains of 50-100 micrometer inside, it can avoid sticking of the tracking material effectively and improve the ability to bear dry friction. In the boundary friction, it can lower the friction factor thus less wear and tear.
Widely used in mechanical seals , sliding bearings and others of higher requirements or better dry friction ability.

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