SHB(Basic Sintered Silicon Carbide )

Technical Specifications of S-SIC(SHB)

To cope with many rigid working conditions that require corrosion and high temperature resistance, The basic sintered silicon carbide product is a solution as common sealing material featured with high cost performance under volume production

 Purity of Silicon Carbide  %  98
 Density  g/cm  3.10
 Porosity  %  2.50
 Hardness  Vickers(Kg/mm )  2600
 Average Grain Size  Microns(um)  5
 Flexural Strength (4 point bending test)  Mpa  400
 Compressive Strength  Mpa  2200
 Weibull Modulus  W/m.k  10
 Thermal Conductivity  10 /Deg.C  110
 Thermal Expansion (at 20 ℃to 500 ℃)  MPa. M  4. 0
 Fracture Toughness(Single Edge Notched Beam)  Gpa  3. 2
 Elasticity Modulus(Youngs Modulus)  Deg.Centigrade  410
 Maximum Working Temperature  ℃  1600℃


The basic sintered silicon carbide products contain no free silicone with excellent resistance to wearing and chemical attacks at oxidizing and deoxidizing conditions. It is widely used in hard tracking faces with excellent performance. In all kinds of chemical media, its resistance to chemical attacks is better than tungsten carbide, ceramics and reaction bonded silicon carbide, and it has longer life for sealing faces.
Meanwhile, for some special working conditions and applications, The sintered silicon carbide products can be used to tackle key problems and offer special solutions, such as high speed compressors, sealing key pumps in nuclear power stations, amour protections etc

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