how to install Johnson pump seals
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Johnson Pump Seals are used in industrial pumps, compressors, and other applications where a spinning shaft protruding into a wetted process is likely to have continuous, rigorous duty. Pump seals move the point of the seal away from the shaft to specially designed sealing faces that gradually wear down. This provides a longer service life than moderate duty seals such as lip seals, which seal directly against the circumference of the shaft itself. Lip seals may wear a circumferential groove into the spinning shaft, requiring its eventual costly replacement, while Industrial Pump Seal gradually sacrifice their sealing faces.
1 Empty the liquid from the system. Remove any protective covers, wires or tubes from the pump. Undo the screws or bolts holding the pump in place and, if possible, remove it.
2 Open the plates covering the seal compartment.
3 Take out the seals. Usually, this involves prying the seals out with a screwdriver or hook. Don't scratch the sides of the seal compartment because it could allow liquid to leak around the seal.
4 Clean the seal compartment thoroughly.
5 Install the new seals. Read the instructions in the new seal kit for any information on seal orientation. Some seals must have one side of the seal facing a certain way.

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