How to install Multi spring Mechanical seals
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A Single Spring Mechanical is used in plumbing, manufacturing and other high-pressure applications. These devices offers sealing between other devices, including compressors, stationary pumps and spinning shafts. When used in tandem, the mechanical seal provides the protection needed for the rest of the mechanical device and its fluids to work together seamlessly.
A single-spring mechanical seal uses only one spring that is coiled in either a right- or left-handed design. The spring is set up to accommodate either left- or right-hand turning pumps. The seal has the flexibility needed to accommodate misalignment, break away shock loading and prevent clogging when using fluids with a high viscosity. A Muti Spring Mechanical Seals uses more than one spring that is coiled using a balanced design.
1 Turn off the main source to the pipe that you are sealing.
2 Disconnect the pipes that you are sealing from one another using the wrench.
3 Dry the pipes that you will be sealing completely, using the towel.
4 Place a 1/8-inch thick layer of liquid sealant over the threads of the pipe you are sealing.
5 Screw the pipes together again using the wrench.
6 Wipe away any extra liquid sealant with the towel.
7 Wait for five minutes until the liquid sealant has dried, after which you can turn the pipe's source back on.

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