Types of Mechanical seals
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Mechanical Seals in pumps, compressors and other applications where if a rotary shaft that sticks out in a wet process is continuous, strict liability used. Mechanical Seals from the point of specifically shaft seal sealing surfaces become worn. This allows a longer life than the moderate right labels such as seals, lip seal directly against the circumference of the tree itself. Lip seals may have a circumferential groove in the axis of rotation, requiring subsequent replacement cost, while seals gradual sacrifice of their sealing surfaces.

mechanical seal performance

Offer mechanical seals to seal the reconciliation between a rotating shaft and stop the pump or compressor housing. For example, play an important role as a ring or a sleeve that is mounted and provides a static seal with O-ring on the axis of rotation. Another part is fixed and has a similar structure static O-ring on the stationary case. One or two rings and springs can press the sides of the joint force the cancellation default. It is this suppression that the real effect of sealing is achieved. Mechanical seals offer a tiny leak drip almost beyond the seal to lubricate the seal wear face slowly.
Mechanical seal

There are several types of joints, each for specific applications, the advantages of slide type that can not handle, unbalanced, balanced, classic and cartridge type.

Pusher pusher and non-

uses a spring pusher seals Axial shaft sealing arrangement according to a fixed force gives seal species. Do not use a bellows pusher springs instead of a spring to push the halves extinction. Both are of modest complexity and cost, and tolerate small amounts of misalignment and vibration.

Symmetric and asymmetric

Balanced mechanical seals handle higher pressures and are better for liquids, proper lubrication, the lower grades. Asymmetric better sealing in situations of excessive vibration or movement.

Conventional mechanical seals are designed for use in applications that were not originally may have been associated with joints, generally consisting place with lip seals. They are primarily aimed at the modernization and improvement of pumps and compressors, and possibly some engineering and maintenance to demand change.

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Mechanical seals, cartridge mechanical seal offers a complete package in a package, just replace the unit fits perfectly into the type of cartridge. Cartridge Seals the seal required to rotate the shaft and stationary housing. Many homeowners take these modern pumps joint cartridge Mechanical Seals for their new products easier to maintain.


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