The installation of mechanical seal
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The installation of mechanical seal

(1) Installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft (or sleeve) according to the following requirements: Install mechanical seal parts of the shaft (or sleeve) runout tolerance, ¢ù When the shaft or sleeve diameter of 10-50 Radial tolerance within the time should be within the 0.04MM. ¢ú When the shaft or sleeve diameter in the range of 50-120 when the radial tolerance should be within the 0.06MM.
  (2) Install the mechanical seal pump or other similar rotating machinery in the work shall not exceed the amount of Axial series 0.03MM.

  (3) mechanical seal is installed, you must shaft (or sleeve) sealed chamber cover seal and mechanical seal itself clean to prevent any impurities into the sealed area.

 (4) mechanical seal gland (including the stationary ring) is not installed in the case of not turning to prevent the dynamic and static ring scratch each other.

 (5) For the installation of a pump mechanical seal, the chamber in the open end must be exposed sealant to prevent leaking of liquid from the gland.

 (6) When the transmission medium temperature high, too low or impurity particles, as well as inflammable, explosive, toxic and the resistance must be taken when the seal flushing, cooling, filtration and other measures.

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