The Advantages of mechanical seal compared to the soft packing seal
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echanical seal advantages compared to the soft packing seal

Mechanical seals compared with the soft packing seal, has the following advantages:
1 reliable sealing in the long period of operation, the sealed state is very stable, very small amount of leakage, according to rough statistics, the leakage of soft packing seal is typically only 1 / 100;
2 Long service life in the oil and water based medium, usually ranging from 1 to 2 years or more, usually in the chemical medium can reach more than six months;
3 friction and power consumption of a small mechanical seal friction power is only the soft packing seal 10% to 50%;
4 shaft or sleeve are substantially independent of friction loss;
5 face wear after a long maintenance cycle can be automatically compensated, under normal circumstances, do not need regular maintenance;
6 good vibration on the rotation axis of vibration, deflection and the deflection axis of the sealed chamber is not sensitive;
7 for a wide range of mechanical seals can be used in low-temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, different speed, and a variety of corrosive media and abrasive media, such as with the seal.
8 on many of today's factory, "zero leakage"needs, packing can not meet this requirement; simply adapt to a wide range of more casual, but in the factory, the factory will be frequently changed or maintenance caused great losses

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